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Unlock Your Healing Potential, Transform Your Health and 
Upgrade Your Life In A 3-Day LIVE Event You Won't Want To Miss!
Learn techniques to help you improve your health, accelerate your healing and eliminate pain that you can use daily!
Day 1
9 AM - 6 PM with 1 HR Lunch Break
  • History and Science of Qigong/Chinese Medicine
  • Empty Force Qigong: Building Magnetic Healing Qi with Proven Postures
  • Breath Empowerment: Gives Profound Vibration and Oxygenation
  • Food-Healing:  Free Radicals, Oxidation
  • Food-Healing: Using Specific Foods to Reverse Specific Diseases
  • Qigong Healing Level-1 Form:  Build Energy & Increase Circulation
Day 2
9 AM - 6:30 PM with 1 HR Lunch Break
  • Food Healing: Making Healing Smoothies
  • Qigong Healing Level 1 Form
  • Qigong Healing Level 2: Source Connecting, Full Body Cleansing, Drawing Bow
  • Walking Qigong: Building Qi in Hands
  • Hands on Healing: Reiki, Tui Na Massage
  • 9-Breathe Method: Tumo/Abdominal Breathing with Qi
  • 9-Breathe Circle:  Profound Healing 
Day 3
9 AM - 6 PM with 1 Hr Lunch Break
  • Qigong Strength
  • Qigong Level 1 Form Enhancements
  • Qigong Level 3 Wuji: Classic Tai Chi 
  • Foot Reflexology: Proven Pain Relief
  • 5-Elements:   Examines Human Personality, Psychology and Body Types
  • Advanced 9-Breathe Method: Raises Kundalini Up Spine
Day 1:  Friday - CONNECT
Learn how to clear head fog, decision fatigue and tiredness and through this mental focus practice

Breathe Empowerment

Learn Breathing Techniques that dissolve stress and negativity with powerful energy.

Food Healing Science

Learn about Specific Foods that reverse specific diseases. 

Level 1 Qigong Forms

Learn the Level 1 Healing Form to improve blood circulation, digestion and metabolism.
Day 2:  Saturday - HEAL
Routine is powerfully magnetic and increases blood movement head to toe. Physically, these practices making your feel pulsate and sweep stagnation out the body. Nine-Breath Method fills everyone who has lungs with a pleasant vibration and healing energy.

Qigong Level 2 Form

Full Body Cleansing: ENERGY Sweeps Head to Toe.  Builds Up Qi, Bones and Strengthens Muscle.
Full Body Spiraling: PINEAL Gland and Forehead Gently Pulses with Qi and Light.

Hands On Healing

Qigong Massage helps open blood flow and eliminates pain by directly addressing the cause, blocked energy.

9-Breathe Method

With just NINE BREATHS, Qi energy is absorbed and sent to your navel center. Vibrational waves of peace envelope and dissolve the stress of what troubles us. Oxygen is a profound force.
Day 3:  Sunday - INSPIRE
More Profound Healing Practices of Breath and Movement.  Develop routines that you can use daily to combat stress, disease, and illnesses.

Qigong Strength Training

Combines Qigong, Kung Fu & Power Breathing. Recover Faster with Qigong. Sweat more than running without leaving your spot. Athletes and novices both will enjoy this routine’s diversity. 

Reflexology & Tui Na for Pain Elimination 

Qigong Massage helps open blood flow and eliminates pain by directly addressing the cause, blocked energy.  Tui Na, Reflexology and 5-Elements are presented through the lense of traditional energetics and modern science.

Level 3 Qigong Forms

Level-3 Wuji is Free-Style Qigong without right and wrong movements. We learn how to step and balance like a Tai Chi expert smoothly carrying ourselves in life.
Perrin Clark, MD Surgeon
Daytona, Florida
"As a physician, I am blessed to be able to give of myself on a daily basis to the care of individuals. Jeff Primack has obviously devoted his life to Qigong Healing of the body, mind and spirit."
Experience the Qirevolution Qigong Training Difference LIVE...
Qi Revolution 3-Day Course Outline...
  • Breath Empowerment: Feels like a "Humming Engine" inside your abdomen! Initiates flow of Qi
  • Empty Force Qigong:  Your energy field becomes so palpable - it feels magnetic.
  • Spiraling & Pressing on Qi:  Subtle movements are the REAL KEY to harnessing the Qi-Energy.
  • Cloud Hands:  Beautiful practice for strengthening Lungs and opening chest.
  • Earth Hands:  Strengthens the hips, legs & the reproductive center of the body.
  • Around the World:  Rotating at the waist, large spheres of energy are formed.  Helps Body with Digestion and Elimination.
  • Qigong Push Hands:  Energy is projected.  Qi gently "Pushes" the body and assists movement.
  • Tumo Breathing:  Pressurizes Qi to flow strong.  Pulsation of Blood & Qi flows down arms & Legs.
  • Wuji Style Qigong:  Learn 7 Wuji Movements.  A "MAGNETIC DANCE" of Qi.  Create your own form.
  • 9-Breath Method:  ULTIMATE Breathing practice.  Blissful waterful of Qi removes stress & Negativity!
  • Advanced 9-Breath:  Takes Energy to deepest levels.  Experience yourself as PURE VIBRATION.
  • Healing Others w/9-Breath Method:  Capable of Miracles.  Recipients experience "Flush of Energy".
In this seminar you'll also receive in-depth training in Food-healing, the art of using specific foods to reverse specific diseases.  Millions worldwide have reversed the worst diseases with food alone.  You will learn this wisdom in precise detail.
Feeling stuck, tired, unmotivated or in pain?
What could your life be like if you could be truly pain free and filled with lasting energy, health and vitality?
Health Benefits of Qigong
In Qigong the body is totally relaxed, yet the blood is mobilized to flow powerfully. 

Because there is no stress response or cortisol release, which contracts blood vessels, the blood can enter areas that may have been blocked off for years. 

Microcirculation to the forehead is increased and digestion is improved. Imagine the same blood circulation you get from jogging many miles—while standing still completely relaxed in gentle posture. 

No other exercise offers this level of blood circulation to organs, glands and joints of body. 
Michele Obama Practicing Qigong With Other Qigong Practitioners
  • Improves the motion of blood,  and profoundly enhances whole body circulation.
  • Stimulates a healthy appetite, better sexual function, assimilation of nutrients, digestion & elimination.
  • Accelerates metabolic rate aiding weight loss, decreases the need for sleep, and promotes endurance.
  • Helps us to calm down, relax and become more peaceful, while effectively lowering blood pressure.
  •   Boosts immunity, balances cortisol & adrenaline, and lowers muscle wasting catabolic hormones.
  • Develops dexterity and reflexes. Weight bearing Qigong prevents Osteoporosis in clinical studies
  • Enhances mental acuity, focus and concentration.  Qi draws attention into the present moment and focuses the mind countering Adult ADD and ADHD.
  • Opens arteries allowing greater brain-based microcirculation to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and Dimentia.
Oprah Winfrey’s beloved Dr. Oz said on international television,
“If you want to live to 100…do Qigong.”

He also said, “Qigong is the best longevity exercise”.

There are hundreds of scientific studies showing how Qigong has helped people reverse cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

These studies are good scientific references:
*Health benefits of Qigong. Am J Health Prom. 2010; 24, 6
*Qigong therapy for cancer. Integr Cancer Ther. 2002; 1, 4
*Qigong for cancer patients. Am J Chin Med. 2008; 36, 3
*Qigong for osteoarthritis. Clin Rheumatol. 2008; 27, 12
Dr. OZ Teaching Qigong to His Audience
What is Qigong,
And Why It Is the Missing Link To
Long Life and Lasting Health?
Hear from regular people sharing their experience after practicing for the first time...
Qigong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention to open blockages in the body based on the same meridian system used in acupuncture. 

The movements are fairly easy to learn and allow access to everyone. To begin to benefit from Qigong you do not have to be fit, you don’t have to be flexible; you don’t even have to be able to stand up. 

The exercises can be modified for almost anyone with patience that wants to learn.

I do Qigong everyday.  
I think of it as medicine.

I have been able to significantly reduce the dose of the medication from 50 mg to 12.5 mg, and my doctors tell me at every visit... keep doing what you are doing.
Let me be very clear.  It is not a choice between Eastern and Western medicine for me, only medicine that works.
*Harvard Health Publications: Health benefits of tai chi. December 4th, 2015
A Harvard medical publication* said it should also be called “moving medication.” 

Sometimes Qigong and Tai Chi are called a moving meditation in which the mind and body are led to a state of balance and equilibrium also known as homeostasis.

The advantages of improving strength, flexibility and balance are pretty obvious but the advantages of peace that comes from the moving flowing meditative aspect of Qigong and Tai Chi are equally important.
When the body is in a state of balance all the systems work better.
Much of the tendency to this internal balance is happening all of the time totally out of our awareness. With very little conscious input from us, our bodies are working to keep us in a state of homeostasis, that is, everything just so. 

The fight-flight reaction vs. the relaxation response is an example of the body tending toward homeostasis.

But in our stressed out world many of us are living in a continuous state of stress without even being aware of it. Without practice the relaxation response doesn’t always occur. 

Qigong and Tai Chi can help us return to homeostasis and the relaxation response.
The health benefits from Qigong and Tai Chi comes about both by supporting the body’s natural tendency to return to balance and equilibrium and also gently yet profoundly creating strength, flexibility and balance in the muscles and joints through gentle flowing movements. 

This is the winning combination: body and mind. The physical and mental practice continuously supports the return to balance.

This is an exercise that requires no equipment. It can be done anywhere, inside or outside. 

It has a track record of thousands of years and shares much in common with yoga but many find it less difficult and you don’t have to get on the floor!
“Dating back more than 4,000 years, the idea remains at the core of traditional Chinese medicine today. It is called "chi." It means "energy."

-Robert Winstead, CNN.
Qigong Practitioners in China Practicing Qigong In Courtyard
"I came into your Qigong seminar with a walker.  On the last day, I was walking around the room without it.  This is a miracle."
Norma Roberts R.N., Retired Nurse 
You're Invited to the
Qi Revolution LIVE 3-Day
Health Empowerment Experience.
Attended by over 50,000 people since 2005, QI REVOLUTION is designed to unlock your self healing power and create your best life.  The teachings give you energy using only the most effective Breathing Techniques, Qigong and Food-Healing practices for a strong body, healthy mind and long life.
While everyone is busy, at no time has this wisdom been more important to survival & optimal health.  
Includes Therapeutic Touch Tui Na Technique and Reflexology Pain Relieving Massage Training and More!
"I learned more in one weekend at QiRevolution than I did in Medical School"
Dr. Claudia Gabriel, MD
About Your Trainers...
Jeff Primack
Founder and Head Facilitator 
Jeff Primack is the founder of QI REVOLUTION, a touring seminar attended live by 50,000 people. He entertainingly teaches Qigong, Food-Based Healing at his LIVE Events.

Supreme Science Certified Trainers
Founded in 1999 Jeff Primack founded Supreme Science Qigong Center. Flying in Qigong Masters from all over the world Jeff learned from teachers who had a minimum of 50 years training. He built a reputation for hosting seminars the most powerful Qigong masters/healers. 
All Qirevolution Events are taught by Certified Qigong Trainers to Ensure Top Quality Results.
Kai and Jeff Teaching Qigong at a Live Event
Unlock the power of the infinite field of energy surrounding us in one transformative weekend event...
1.  Learn Breathing Techniques that dissolve stress and negativity with powerful energy.
2.  Learn 3 Levels of Qigong Healing to improve blood circulation, digestion & metabolism.
3.  Learn about Foods that destroy health and which foods help reverse specific diseases.
4.   Learn Qi Meditations that clear your mind and improve your ability to focus naturally.
5.  Learn 5-Element Psychology to understand yourself and help improve your relationships.
6.  Learn Qi Reflexology and Tui Na Massage techniques for reducing pain and accelerating healing.
7.  Connect with like-minded people as you learn new skills good for you and for the planet
“This is definitely the most powerful workshop I have ever attended. The Qigong experiences were at a  level that few things in life can compare to. In the workshop I could feel the love of 500 others!”
Dr. Jorge Munzos, MD
Qi Revolution 3-day live event
1 Ticket to
LIVE In Person Training with Certified Qigong Trainers
from Supreme Science Qigong Centers
Friday 9 AM till Sunday 6PM
24 CEU's Awarded for Attendee
  • Breath Empowerment Training and Exercises
  • Supreme Science Proprietary Techniques "Press On Qi" and "Empty Force Qigong"
  • Qigong Level 1, 2, 3 Forms, Training and Teachings
  • 5 Elements Psychology and Personalities
  • 9-Breathe Method and Unlocking Your Healing
  • Qigong Strength Training and Taoist Stretching
  • Reflexology and Accelerated Healing with Tui Na
  • Food Healing Science:  Learning Accelerated Healings Foods to Conquer Any Diseases
  • Daoist Meridian Yoga and QiShake
  • Earn 24 CEUs for your Attendance
Qi Revolution 3-day live event
2 Tickets (Save $99 When You Bring a Friend) to
LIVE In Person Training with Certified Qigong Trainers
from Supreme Science Qigong Centers
Friday 9 AM till Sunday 6PM
24 CEU's Awarded for Each Attendee
  • Breath Empowerment Training and Exercises
  • Supreme Science Proprietary Techniques "Press On Qi" and "Empty Force Qigong"
  • Qigong Level 1, 2, 3 Forms, Training and Teachings
  • 5 Elements Psychology and Personalities
  • 9-Breathe Method and Unlocking Your Healing
  • Qigong Strength Training and Taoist Stretching
  • Reflexology and Accelerated Healing with Tui Na
  • Food Healing Science:  Learning Accelerated Healings Foods to Conquer Any Diseases
  • Daoist Meridian Yoga and QiShake
  • Earn 24 CEUs for your Attendance
Dr. Rick Agel, MD
“I have 30 years experience in Tai Chi/Yoga and never felt energy this strong before.

This system combines Qigong with Advanced Breathing Exercises that I’ve found PHENOMINALLY ENERGETIC.”
Supreme Science Qigong Foundation is a 501C Credited 
Supreme Science Qigong Center was founded in Miami, Florida in 1999.  

We certified over 4,000 Qigong Instructors and 60,000 beautiful people have attended a LIVE Qi Revolution Seminar.  

We believe in the power of these Qigong Healing Techniques to transform our world for the better.  

In such aspirations we formed 501c-3 Non-Profit Organization called Supreme Science Qigong Foundation (Qi United) to share Qigong with Firefighers, Police and Military Veterans.
For Those That Serve Our Country, You Can Come For Free.  We Honor Service Men and Women....  
Frequently Asked Questions....
What is Qi Revolution?
Qi Revolution is a 3-day Live Instructor Taught Seminar that teaches you the latest mind/body excercise to help your body accelerate your healing and health.
How Many Days Is This Event?
The event is 3 Days long starting from 9AM Friday to 6 PM Sunday.
Will there be a lunch break?
Yes there will be a 60 minute lunch break and many breaks between sessions throughout the day.
What Will I Need to Bring?
Bring a pen and paper to take note, Yoga mat for floor exercises, Light Blankets in case it gets cold, workout towel, water bottles, and your good vibes.  You can also bring a cooler for food and snacks and blankets if you want to picnic outside for lunch
What Should I wear?
Wear something comfortable for movement, stretching and breathing exercises.  Yoga attire works great.  Also bring a light jacket incase the room gets cold.
How Do I Get Credit for CEU's?
When checking in, you will be asked to fill out a form with your information and license number so that you can get credit for your attendance.